CSC 310 - Database Management

Centenary College of Louisiana
Wright Building Lab 105
MW 2:30-3:45, F 2:00-2:50 - Fall 2012

Instructor: Dr. Mark Goadrich

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Relational Database Design and Implementation, Third Edition
by Jan L. Harrington, 2009
ISBN: 978-012374730-3
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Real examples of database applications give students an opportunity to experience the entire database life cycle. Topics include the context, analysis, logical and physical design, and the implementation of a database management system. A database project will be required.


CSC 234 or permission of instructor.

Quizzes and Participation

You are encouraged to attend class and participate in discussions. Active participation in class discussions and short quizzes will comprise 5% of your final grade.


Centenary assures students with disabilities equal opportunity to reach the same level of achievement as other students. Strict confidentiality will be maintained on students with disabilities. Services for students with disabilities are available through the Counseling Center, located on the ground floor of Rotary Residence Hall, phone (318) 869-5424.

Honor Code

All students are bound by the Honor System. The Honor System is applicable to all academic work. See the Centenary College Handbook for the complete Honor Code.


Extensions for labs, projects, exams and quizzes are only given when circumstances beyond your control (e.g. being sick, choir or sports travel) prevent you from completing a project on time. You must notify me either by email or phone of your circumstances well in advance of the due date.


We will also be using additional supplemental material such as relevant web-pages and background material. Additional readings will be assigned before material will be covered in class. You are expected to review the material and come to class prepared. As readings are assigned, they will be posted here.


You will have semi-weekly Homeworks in this course, for a total of 20% of your final grade. These homeworks will cover concepts we have discussed in class, and will be due approximately one week after they are assigned.


The purpose of this project is to implement a large database application, using an SQL database in combination with an Android application and a web front-end, as a service project for a nonprofit organization of the Shreveport community.

This project is worth 55% of your final grade, and throughout the semester you will be developing this website and portfolio of progress. Deadlines and Tasks will be posted as necessary. You will be working in a team of three.

Choose Teams and TaskAug 27th
Client Report: RequirementsSep 10th
App/Web MockupSep 24th
Database SchemaOct 1st
Client Report: RevisionOct 8th
Implementation DemonstrationOct 29th
Client Report: Final FeedbackNov 12th
Class PresentationWeek of Dec 14th


There will be two exams, each worth 10% of your final grade.


Your final grade for this course will be based on the Homework, Project, Exams and Participation described above.
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