CSCI 270 - Computational Humanities

Hendrix College
MCReynolds 315
TR 2:45 - 4:00 - Spring 2018

Instructor: Dr. Mark Goadrich

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MCReynolds 313

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A survey of the tools and techniques of computation as applied to concepts in humanities. Covers the use of computing to analyze and synthesize textual, visual, and aural data, as well as the creation of new digital artifacts using computation. Topics normally include natural language processing and translation, information retrieval, sentiment analysis, document clustering, data visualization, procedural music generation, and digital art. Prerequisite: CSCI 150

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, you will know how to:


It is the policy of Hendrix College to accommodate students with disabilities, pursuant to federal and state law. Students should contact Julie Brown in the Office of Academic Success (505.2954; to begin the accommodation process. Any student seeking accommodation in relation to a recognized disability should inform the instructor at the beginning of the course.

Academic Honor

Please refer to the CSCI Academic Integrity Policy.


Extensions and rescheduling for labs, projects, exams and quizzes are only given when circumstances beyond your control (e.g. being sick, academic, choir or sports travel, etc) prevent you from completing a project on time. You must notify me either by email or phone of your circumstances well in advance of the due date.


You are expected to attend class and participate in discussions every day, answering questions, asking questions, presenting material, etc. Active participation will comprise 10% of your final grade. Repeated absences will have a significant impact on your participation grade.


I have planned out a TENTATIVE schedule for the course.

We will be using no textbook but instead supplemental material such as relevant web-pages for the course. Readings will be assigned before material will be covered in class. You are expected to review the material and come to class prepared. As readings are assigned, they will be posted here.


Relevant Software



Semi-weekly labs, which will comprise 40% of your final grade, will help solidify the concepts covered in this course. These will be individual or paired assignments depending on the topics covered.


In the second half of this semester, you will be exploring in-depth an area of computational humanities and developing a substantial research project, for 50% of your grade.


Your final grade for this course will be based on the Labs, Exam, Project, and Participation described above.

Grading Scale